Postcard from San Francisco

San Francisco is home away from home for me. Having undertaken a summer internship whilst at Business School in the summer of 1984, I have returned frequently over the ensuing 30 plus years. The citizens are always consumed by health matters and, this year, the topic du jour is Vitamin D deficiency.

Having espoused the benefits of covering up from the sun over the years to avoid skin cancer, generations are now faced with Vitamin D deficiency. There is plenty of advice on what to eat to boost your Vitamin D intake from food sources. Also in the news is intermittent fasting and yoga for seniors! It is such a great city to embrace out-door living and where we would retreat to town halls for our exercise classes, not so here. Around every corner, on green patches of land we witnessed people, from age two to 92,  undertaking vigorous bouts of exercise!

We went camping in the Yosemite in the high sierras at Tuolumne Meadows– oh the benefits of fresh air, mountain hiking, fishing and swimming in the rivers – we covered up from the sun of course!