About Perspicuous

We are fun-loving, caring, adventurous and curious. We identify with Generation X and Baby Boomers, and fall within the Sandwich generation, be it the traditional or open-faced!

With no medical training and the need to understand the frailties and diseases affecting our aging parents, often quite quickly without warning, we were on a steep learning curve and became acutely aware of three things:

  1. Information is not always plentiful, often conflicting and rarely easy to find in one place.
  2. The more we delved into the available information, we saw that many medical issues were common across the diseases.
  3. That so much could be done to alleviate and reduce the risks through an active lifestyle, and not necessarily lifestyles associated with the younger generation of sweaty gym bodies, triathlons etc.  Perhaps most encouraging was that it is never too late to start and thus reap the rewards.

And so Perspicuous was conceived as a result of our journey – one that so many of us face.  It has become a place where there is information (Research & Education), an understanding of common diseases (Health Conditions), and the health benefits of an active lifestyle through the promotion of everyday interests and hobbies (Activity Benefits).

The word Perspicuous comes from the Latin “perspicuous”, meaning transparent and clear.  Our overriding aim is to deliver content that is insightful, enjoyable and inspirational to people of our generation.  News, features and articles provide a broad variety of content with pertinent and regular updates.

We would love to hear about your journey.  Contact us at Hello@perspicuoushealth.com