Postcard from Japan

We were off to Japan for the rugby World Cup and about to embrace everything the country had to offer ! We had seen before departure how the Japanese had taken Wales to their hearts and the sight of thousands singing the Welsh national anthem to greet our boys was heartwarming indeed! We were ready to embrace everything Japan had to offer.

Much is written about this country in terms of good health. It tops the global table for life expectancy and their diet is hailed as a healthy one and I for one couldn’t wait to experience it! With its mixture of fish, grains and vegetables it was indeed yummy. I don’t think I eat the same thing twice – such variety and packed with so much flavour.

With its amazing fast train links it is easy to move from one prefecture to another. Each with its own fantastic sights and sounds and with so much to see is was ideal to walk around each city, town, village ( before even venturing to the traditional walking environments) notching up 20k steps a day without even thinking about it. I was not surprised to read that 98 per cent of children walk or cycle to school, again one of the highest rates in the world.

So much hustle and bustle and yet so much serenity in what we saw and felt in this fascinating land. The calm, the tranquility  oozed a sense of well being and much needed karma after a highly charged rugby International!